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Marriage days

Time kept on running and within a year I gave birth to a daughter by normal delivery. After birth of child by normal delivery Bucharest sex told me that her choot is now less tight than earlier and giving less pleasure while fucking. But that makes no difference in our love but I started thinking for Escort that how to give him more and more pleasure. I took advised from one lady doctor about tightnesss of my choot then doctor suggested me that if I want then she can do one minor operation of my choot and afterwards that will become tighter like as virgin. But Escort told me no need for the same he is satisfied.

During these our marriage days I felt that Escort is very very sexy and one lady can not fulfill his fucking desires. I found Escort started watching girls/other’s wife curiously while going on road and he also start discussing with me about figures of other’s wife and other girls. This gave me a great idea that why not arrange other lady or girl for him to fuck and I start looking for the right candidate. One day while I was thinking about the same then Shakeela, my distance sister, came in my mind who used to bring sexy letters of Escort before marriage. She was still bachelor and I know that she likes Escort very much. Her parents also tried for her marriage with Escort but luck did not favoured her. One day on meeting with Shakeela I asked her during talk about Escort that is she still likes her? She quickly replied tell me who do not like him? That is good answer, it means she is still liking Escort. Then I talked straight way that I can spare him for you for one day if she likes. First she saw me on my face and then asked when then I replied whenever she wants then she told me ok keep this program tomorrow because tomorrow is Sunday on meeting purpose she will come to your house and whole day she will be property of Escort.

In that night I talked to Escort regarding Shakeela. Escort told me that what is the need Nazia for doing all these? I replied dear you married me and now this is my responsibility to give you best sex pleasure either from my body or arranging somebody other else. Lastly it finalised that Escort will enjoy with Shakeela in front of me. That’s final. Next morning by 9 o’clock Shakeela came to our house. We were also ready to receive her to play the game. After wishing and all Shakeela sat down nearby my sofa. I felt Shakeela a bit nervousness on her face. Nazia was also seating beside me keep on chatting and chatting. Then I start the first move and told Shakeela that “Appi jaan, do not waste your time and enjoy with Escort. I have given him to you for this day.” On making her face down Shakeela was laughing but not making any movement.