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She likes my excessive sex behaviour

After taking rest for an hour we all got up and took bath and putting our clothes back we sat down on sofa. Sign was great satisfaction was there on the face of all of us. Moscow Escort gave thanks to me for giving this chance to me. After taking rest for further hours Escort adjusted her pain so that she can walk properly normal so that no one can identify about her fuck and afterwards on giving thanks to both of us she returned back. Escort gave thanks to me and kissed me for top to bottom for arranging this group sex. If you wanted to enjoy real sex with full pleasure with us and if you are having broad mind then only write us quickly with your contact details. Serious and broadminded couple / girl / female / widow / lonely lady are requested to write us to enjoy with their details and contact details to make the life more and more pleasurable.

Hello sexy friends, myself “Escort”. I have got a very beautiful wife named “Escort”. We are very best friend because we both can share our all feelings without any hesitation. We think that HUSBAND and WIFE relation is the best relation out of all the relation of world. Because all the feelings from sexual to mental can be shared by HUSBAND and WIFE but in other relation we can think for sex mentally not physically. If anyone making sex relation other than wife/husband than that is illegal but on making these illegal sex relation our society’s social code is getting maintained. Let us discuss one-two example. Suppose Sister-in-Law became widow early and living in a joint family. She need sex then where she will go? If someone from the same family is satisfying her in the same house itself then she don’t feel to go out for sex with other person. This way status code of that particular family is getting maintained. Similarly there are other hundreds of example.

Escort has got very charming face and got good body construction. She likes me too and always say that she likes my excessive sex behaviour very much. During early marriage day I visited her to fuck 6 to 7 times in one night and if getting chance then 1 to 2 times in day hour. Due to that frequent fuck she became habitual of my cock. Now situation is that she don’t want to go away to her father/mother place due to unavailability of my cock fuck. She is very cooperative in all my acts. In spite of getting good numbered fuck I always want pussy to fuck all the time. Once Escort asked me that why you people don’t satisfied? I told her that the day I will be satisfied then you will be dispatched to your father/mother’s place. She got understand. I told Escort that this is natural phenomena and due to this only population of all living things of earth are keep on increasing. Male never get satisfied by sex. He always look for sex next after next.